Talisman Druzy Cuff

This gemstone cuff is paired with a collection of animal and plant life charms with the added sparkle of Swarovski crystal flatbacks. The gemstone is a smooth agate slice that showcases the intricate details of this unique piece, as no two agates have the same growing pattern. The Swarovski crystals include silk and shimmer, depicting hues of color found in nature. The tree charm in this cuff represents family & life while the wolves represent this particular family unit.

This piece has specific charm elements to my family. Create your own version using talisman charms that encompass your life, passion, and family. Each piece will truly be unique for each designer.


  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Time: Less Than 30 Minutes

Get the Supplies

1pc Bead Reamer

This Bead Reamer is a fantastic tool to have when jewelry making. Great for smoothing out rough edges around all types of bead holes.

1pc Antique Gold Metal Cuff Base

Make your very own bracelet with this Antique Gold Metal Cuff Base ! Perfect for adding on beads or charms to create a custom design.

1pc Natural oval Gemstone Pendant

Delight in the uniqueness of each Natural oval Gemstone Pendant ! No 2 are exactly alike, creating truly unique pieces. Use as a focal on any piece to express your style or to create a custom gift.

20pc Clear Pro Foiled Xirius Rose Swarovski Flat Backs

These Beautiful Clear Pro Foiled Xirius Rose Swarovski Flat Back Crystals are loose crystal elements backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection.  They are easy to apply to a variety of carrier materials using standard one- or two-component glues.  It also has the most progressive and unique cut in the market: multilayer cut technology, producing the inspiring XIRIUS star design.