spring macrame earrings

Spring Macrame Earrings


Get the Supplies

14ft Gold 18 Gauge Copper Metal Beading Wire

Take your design to the next level with this Gold 18 Gauge Metal Beading Wire can be used to create airy light-weight strands, sturdy threading, and generally connecting elements of all kinds. Use a doubled overhand knot or crimp beads for a strong hold.

36pc Metal Fishhook Earrings In Gold

These bright gold fishhook are the best way to finish off your homemade earring creations. Includes 36 pieces (18 Pairs).

40G Gold & White Mix 6/0 Glass E-Beads

Gold & White Mix 6/0 Glass E-Beads are perfect for those tiny details that put your design above the rest. Make elaborate or simple pieces that always look polished and impressive.

40pc Bright Colors Floss Embroidery Floss

This assortment of Bright Colors Embroidery Floss are great for many kinds of projects as well as jewelry. Create beautiful weaves, braids, wrapped projects and more for endless possibilities!