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How To Find The Perfect Necklace Length

How To Find The Perfect Necklace Length Always getting necklaces that are too short, or too long? It’s time you get one just right! Click here to learn all about necklace length! Art involves math. There, we said it. From the golden ratio to calculating facial proportions, art isn’t completely right-brained.  And jewelry making, or […]

No Need To Spend A Fortune To Look Good: DIY Jewelry

No Need To Spend A Fortune To Look Good: DIY Jewelry Trying to find some cute and unique jewelry that won’t cost an arm and a leg? What about making it yourself?! DIY Jewelry is easier than you think! Imagine this: you’re out shopping with friends at a trendy boutique when a necklace catches your […]

So Charming! The Best Guide To DIY Charm Bracelets

So Charming! The Best Guide To DIY Charm Bracelets Charm bracelets are making a come back this year, so it’s only right that you need one! Here’s the only guide you’ll need to read on making your own! Did you know that charm bracelets have been a part of our culture since 600 BC? Despite this […]

7 Jewelry Making Supplies You Can’t Go Without

7 Jewelry Making Supplies You Can’t Go Without Are you making your own jewelry? Not without these tools! Here are the 7 jewelry making supplies that you simply can not go without! Humans have been making jewelry for a long time. A really long time. Some scientists believe that even the Neanderthals were making jewelry as long […]

True Friends: Best Beads to Use When Making a Friendship Bracelet

True Friends: Best Beads to Use When Making a Friendship Bracelet Are you and your friends making friendship bracelets for one another? The you won’t want to miss out on this guide on the best beads to use! It’s been a long year. Whether you’re working 16-hour shifts at an overcrowded hospital, your 9-5 has […]

The Secret to Making a Perfect Pom Pom

Being stuck at home isn’t easy! After a long day of working from home, you may be looking for something else to keep you busy at home. Instead of re-watching your favorite Netflix show, what about doing something that will spark your creativity? This is why I decided to embark on a new project or more […]

Essential Oil Jewelry: Everything you need to know

We all know how powerful a scent can be: just smelling the aroma of your mother’s perfume can instantly make you feel at home. But did you know that certain scents can do way more than that? Indeed, using essentials oils can improve your overall health and well-being. Essentials oils have been well-known and recognized […]

Brrr it’s Cold in Here … Ice Dyeing

Ice Dyeing.  “So, dyeing with ice?”  Correct.   Ice dyeing which yes, is a derivative of tie-dyeing has raised the stakes.   But before we delve into the world of current day “Insta Baddies,” modeling ice dyed apparel, I find it important to step onto the roller coaster of time and travel alongside tie–dye.      Now, there’s a vast history not only on the evolution of tie-dye, but on how what it represented culturally shifted. After […]

DIY Gasparilla Jewelry

BOOM!!  Goes the canon as it fires off – signaling the start of Jose Gaspar’s invasion into Tampa Bay.   As you look around you can see a 165 foot long pirate ship with three masts 100 feet above deck garnished with colored flags. You expand your depth of field and see a sea (no pun intended) of hundreds of people on smaller ships adorned with skull and crossbones […]

The 5 jewelry trends you need to know going into 2020

We might be on the tail end of 2019 but that doesn’t mean our trends are falling dormant. Quite the opposite, actually! I wouldn’t be surprised if these trends roared into 2020 with us. Ironically, you’re reading this while simultaneously nodding in agreement. Because let’s be honest, you know what’s coming. There’ve been hiatuses before between the upcoming of new trends which unfortunately causes some that really got-to-go, to stick around beyond their time. However, this is not the case. Currently, […]

What equipment do you need to start making jewelry?

Are you interested in jewelry making but not sure where to start? Have you been to a jewelry class and are ready to invest in equipment to create jewelry at home? We’ve got you covered!  This article will help you get the right equipment to start exploring your new hobby! Jewelry Making Tools You might want […]

How to price jewelry for online sales.

Have you been creating jewelry for a few months and received positive feedback on your designs?  Maybe you’ve even had an offer from a friend to buy one of your pieces and it’s got you thinking about selling online? Great decision! A jewelry making side business is easier than ever to start with the help […]

SS19 – DIY Statement Earrings

SS19 – DIY Statement Earrings Statement earrings are making a big comeback this spring 2019 season and will continue to grow into 2020! The ranges of statement earrings include, transparent materials such as resin and Lucite. Also included is mixed media and abstract shapes.Resin and Acrylic styles offer the look of large statement earring without […]

SS19 – Connecting with Your Jewelry: Talismans, Tokens & Symbols

SS19 – Connecting with Your Jewelry: Talismans, Tokens & Symbols Talisman charms are a trending jewelry style for SS 2019 and SS 2020. Talisman charms have taken on different meanings throughout time. Today’s talisman is often affiliated with a strong belief, a religion, a way of thinking, a visual message, a spiritual image or message, […]