Daily Archives: December 31, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to the Many Different Types of Pearls

Globally speaking, experts think the pearl market could exceed $16.8 billion by 2022. Knowing the types of pearls out there will help you create and select trendy jewelry on your own. In 2018, pearly only accounted for two to three percent of retail jewelers’ sales. Now, pearls are gaining popularity, and they’re especially trendy amongst millennials. […]

4 DIY Necklaces to Gift Your Friends for the Holidays

It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time to think of sweet and thoughtful gifts for all of the people that you love. But what are you going to give to people? Don’t you want to try your hand at making something special, personalized, and handmade? Why not try making DIY necklaces for the […]

5 DIY Earrings to Try at Home

Humans wore earrings as long ago as the Bronze Age. The ancient Egyptians used them to show their high social status. Nowadays we wear earrings to funk up an outfit or express our personality. They’re also an easy way to get started making our own jewelry. Keen to make your own earrings? Here are our favorite […]

How to Dress Up Your Day With Wedding Hair Jewelry

Your wedding day is coming up, and there’s a lot to plan. Every aspect of this special day should be beautiful and memorable.  As one of the most photographed days of your life, you want to be looking your absolute best. So while you’re finding the perfect dress, and scouring Pinterest for ideas, don’t forget […]

The Zodiac Birthstone Guide: Know Your Star Sign

Gemstones sparkle and shine, making them fantastic jewelry pieces. But, these Earthly treasures hold more than superficial beauty.  The compounds that form these precious stones also give off properties that heal the mind, body, and spirit. Depending on your birthdate, certain gems compliment you more than others. Read on to learn about your zodiac birthstone! […]