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Florida Design of the Week: Ambassador Allison Cooling

Beachy Plant Jewelry

These crystal shell “picks” add a bit of a Floridian vibe to any potted plant! With sturdy wire and beads you can create cool accessories for all your flowers, herbs, or other foliage. Just simply stick in the dirt of your pot, near the edge, and let the charm dangle off the side. This works especially well on plants that are set on stands and in the sun; the light will catch every facet of the crystal and send glittering prisms on the floor and walls. You can keep these on plants outdoors, but I would suggest you take out the plant pick if there is going to be a storm or lots of rain, so it doesn’t get ruined! Make a ton of these and dress up every plant on your deck, office, bedroom or elsewhere!

































































Round Nose pliers, wire cutters
Fishing line or Monofilament
Crimp Tubes
Sturdy wire - from hardware store (16-14g)
Crystals (I used Cousin 34738057 and AMJ66011016)

Sea Glass Beads, Jewelry Basics(347450176)


Step 1: Cut about a 7” piece of your sturdy wire. Use round nose pliers to make a crook in the end, and swirl around twice.

Step 2: Cut about a 12” piece of fishing line and thread through the crook. Double up the ends, and start stringing on your beads in any pattern you desire. I used a mix of the crystals and sea glass to create a textural contrast!

Step 3: To finish, simply add a crimp tube, thread through your ending shell or pendant, and thread back through the crimp. Crimp shut and cut off excess.


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