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Florida Design of the Week: Ambassador Shelly Owen

Of all the souvenirs I receive and pick up in Florida, I think by far my favorite are the little jars of sand and shells.  Why do I like them?  They have so much project potential!

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a cute, Swarovski crusted, keepsake necklace like the one below. You can customize the project to use any color you choose.  I chose a seaglass theme.







Supplies Used:
One "Florida" mini-bottle sand and shell keychain souvenir with keychain removed
One 21x10.5 mm Swarovski crystal pendant (6010) in Golden Shadow (SC5152)
Two 7.2mm Swarovski crystal non-hotfix flatbacks (2028) in Mint Alabasater (hard to find)
One 7.2 mm Swarovski crystal non-hotfix flatbacks (2028) in Sand Opal
Four 6mm Swarovski crystal bicones in Sea Glass (47501514)
Four 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones in Sea Glass (47500514)
Two 6mm  heavy gauge jump ring
One 4mm heavy gauge jump ring
Three regular jump rings
Eight silver plated headpins
Swarovski crystal non-hotfix flatback mix in Turquoise and Brown combo (47509569)
Swarovski crystal non-hotfix flatback mix in Crystal (47509526)
Swarovski crystal 4.7mm 2088 Xilion Rose flatbacks in Light Colorado Topaz
36" beige organza ribbon (63800353)
36" large link silver plated copper chain (AJM-ZG-003-00031 available from Walmart)
12" 18 gauge silver plated copper wire
 E-6000 Glue
Singer brand Sew-No-More (available from Walmart)
Singer brand Fray-No-More (available from Walmart)

Tools Used:
Large Bail Making Pliers
Flush Cutters
Chain Nose Pliers (2 pair)
Round Nose Pliers
Large Yarn Needle

Techniques Required:
Wire Wrapping
Form a Loop
Jump Rings
Cutting Chain

Skill Level: Intermediate

Craft Time:  About an hour

Put a heavy gauge jump ring through the hole of the Swarovski pendant. Connect the 4mm heavy gauge jump ring to the first jump ring and set aside.  Create 8 Swarovski crystal bicone dangles using headpins and form a loop. Set aside.










Cut 36 inches of large link chain and set aside. Cut 36 inches of organza ribbon and set aside.

Remove cork from mini-bottle. Using a toothpick smear E-6000 to the inside of the keepsake bottle necklace and replace cork.

Form a Loop at the end of the wire. Press the wire against the neck of the bottle and wrap around the neck about three times.

Take the tail of the wire just past the loop and curl backward and thread the tail back through the loop.









Create a spiral with your fingers. Adjust the wraps with round nose pliers to make sure the spiral is smooth.






Wrap around the top of the cork two times and pull around and across the top of the cork.  Using the largest barrel of bail making pliers form a triple wrap and trim the wire flush against the cork.





Using a tooth pick, smear glue into the opening in the wraps of wire at the top of the bottle to secure the wire and allow to dry.






Using a toothpick, smear E-6000 onto the bottom of the bottle and one side of the bottle and begin placing on the flatbacks varying the sizes and colors.




























 Pick a pattern that is pleasing to you and have fun! Allow to dry.

Open the link of the chain as you would a jump ring - from side to side.

Hook it to the bail of the bottle, and slide into the last link of the other end of the chain.  Close the link.









Open a 6mm jump ring and slide on a 6mm, 4mm bicone, and close the ring. Open another jump ring, thread through the first jump ring and slide one a 6mm and a 4mm bicone.  Repeat until you get to the last jump ring.






Use a heavy gauge jump ring and thread through the last regular jump ring and slide on the last 6mm bicone dangle, 4mm bicone dangle and the 4mm jump ring of the Swarovski pendant. Attach to the bail of the bottle.

Thread the ribbon onto the large yarn needle. Beginning at the back of the chain, skip the center link and thread through the next skipping every other link.  Make sure to leave a eight inch tail of ribbon.





Do not pull tight or the ribbon could snag on the lengths of the chain.  Pass the needle in the opposite direction of the the tail of the ribbon. 



Smooth out the chain to make sure it isn't bunched up and the ribbon isn't pulled too tight.

Tie a loose overhand knot and then a bow.  Trim the ribbon ends. Treat ends with Fray-No-More and apply a dab of Sew-No-More to the center of the bow.


















If you find the "Florida" fading or chipping off, repair with a Sharpie and seal with clear fingernail polish.










































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