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  • Finding Inspiration: Ambassador Lisa Crone

    In March 2015, my husband and I headed for a much needed spring break in sunny Florida. After an unusually cold and frustratingly snowy winter, it was a dream come true!

    I even packed several large Ziploc baggies full of beads and tools just in case I felt inspired.

    We had a wonderful screened porch overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The view, the sound of the water and warmth of the sun provided the perfect environment to bead! The Bob Marley music on my Kindle didn’t hurt either.

    The real inspiration happened when I dumped the Ziploc baggie out on ...

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  • Overcoming Challenges: Ambassador Allison Cooling

    Overcoming Organizational Challenges in Beading

    This photo is shameful. But, sadly, it's how the top of my studio desk looked a couple weeks back. Random beads, half-finished pieces of jewelry, plastic animal figurines (why?…) and more littered about left me with no space to work on.

    My biggest challenge in any jewelry making endeavor is without a doubt my ORGANIZATION. I have the hardest time even starting a project, because I can't ever find the right materials - because my desk looks like the above picture! It takes me hours to finish a project that should take minutes, because I ...

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