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  • The Heritage of the Fleur de Lis Emblem

     Cousin Fleur de Lis Trinkettes

    The fleur de lis, also spelled fleur d lys, is a mysterious emblem deeply rooted in history and most associated with the French monarchy, the New Orleans Saints or Mardi Gras celebrations. The English translation is "flower of the lily" and many people, especially in the state of Louisiana and Canadian province of Quebec, use it as a sign of pride and heritage.The actual shape or glyph was first discovered in both Egypt and Babylonia before being adapted by the French into the symbol we recognize today. It is believed that the Roman nobles invented the symbol and it ...

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  • Amethyst: A Crowd Pleasing February Crystal

     Raw Amethyst

     photo credit:

    Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February and regarded as one of the most universally loved gemstones. It is the most valued variety of quartz and it's found in abundance in locations such as the United States, Brazil, Zambia and Uruguay. Both the province of Ontario, Canada and the state of North Carolina share Amethyst as their official gemstone. So what makes it so popular? This blog will explore that question and more.

    The history of this gemstone contains countless superstitious beliefs and various claims that it can be used to cure a number ...

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  • Designing With Arrows For Valentine's Day

    Arrow Lariat

    Valentine's Day is practically here and other than a heart, one of the most common symbols of love is the arrow. Everyone knows the story, Cupid shoots his bow and the person struck by the arrow will be inspired to fall in love. Therefore, the heart pierced by an arrow also became a popular representation of romance. Arrow shapes are often used in design because their clean lines and symmetry make them universally appealing. This blog will discuss some ways to incorporate arrows, arrowheads and chevron elements into contemporary design.

     Arrowhead Pendant


    The delicate nature of the lariat style necklace ...

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  • Creative Jewelry Displays Using Household Supplies

     wooden spool display

    The start of a new year is a perfect time to energize your workspace and explore a newfound creativity when it comes to something as ordinary as jewelry storage. More often than not, you already have the materials on hand and haven't even thought about giving them a new purpose. Here are just a few examples to give you some ideas about clever ways to both store your jewelry but add to the decor of your home at the same time.

    Wooden spools are useful for those that enjoy sewing, but they have very distinctive characteristics that make them ...

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  • Upgraded Photography Makes it Pop!

    "A picture is worth a thousand words....."  


    New photography on the Cousin website makes it pop!  A site re-design is a huge undertaking both on the front end (aesthetically) and on the back end with programmers and web developers.  

    We are lucky to have such talented people working in various departments in-house that make a site re-design a reality.  Over the next few weeks we will continue to make upgrades.  Keep checking back for even better content!  


    Here's just one new photo from

    Beads Cording findings










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