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  • Design That Transcends Trend

    By: Arriel Goodwin

    My journey into  jewelry making began about 7 years ago when I told a friend I had learned how to make a bracelet at a local bead shop. A few weeks later she brought me a bag of beads that she had found from her late grandmother and  asked me if I could make them into a keepsake jewelry piece. The beads given to me were vintage wood, vintage glass, and what appeared to be original Bakelite pieces. I began doing research on Bakelite jewelry and found some fascinating history regarding Bakelite in modern culture and art. ...

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  • Beading Freedom

    By Leslie Rogalski

    Sometimes freedom from choice is better than freedom of choice. Having someone else make decisions for you can be really liberating if you trust that decision maker. It's like having your bestie tell you what shoes you must have, which of course you buy because she is a true fashionista. (You should only do this with your stylish friends, and you know who they are.) With such a guide to make choices for you, you are now free to move on, perhaps to look for a handbag in a complementary color that is already in your mind ...

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  • Lori Cohn's Charmed Life

    Out of tragedy has come something beautiful. I have a career that I love and I am getting healthier by the day.  My jewelry reflects my experience and love for life. I share this by exploring the fascinating world of symbols that have traditionally surrounded and directed us.  I use charms and energetic stones to design each piece to be full of meaning and beautifully unique. My jewelry is all about feeling good and looking gorgeous….If I can be charmed, so can you!


    My line of jewelry, Charmed Design, was born out of an event that changed my life ...

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  • Terry Ricioli: The Allure of the British Edwardian Era



      Like so many others, Sunday nights you’ll usually catch me absorbed in Downton Abbey.  It’s a fascinating glimpse into the life in the early 1900’s when times were radically different than the way they are now.  We can look back both with nostalgia and relief in some ways.  Certainly, the class system is foreign to us.  But, we admire the aristocracy and its way of life, the architecture, the clothing and, of ...

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  • Ilysa Ginsburg's Advice on Jewelry Making



     It’s hard to believe that I have been making jewelry for 43 years and yet I am still inspired every day. Making jewelry has literally changed my life, I would have never thought I would have 2 online craft shows teaching people around the world how to work with polymer clay and mixed media through video tutorials and classes, nor did I ever think I would have a book coming out this year on creating polymer clay and mixed media jewelry with F & W Publications. Its amazing to think back on making wire wrapped sharks teeth earrings ...

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