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  • Guest Blogger Cindy Newell

     When I was invited to be a guest blogger my first thought was, "Oh no!  I'm not a writer!  What do I write about?"  But I found out that all I needed to do is to write about what I love or how I got into making jewelry.  So with that said, what I love is beading and making jewelry.  I haven't always been interested in it though, but became interested when my daughter-in-law gave me, as a gift, a set of tools and a gift certificate to a local bead store.  So I thought, okay, let's give this ...

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  • Cool2craft Blog

    A fascination with jewelry started at a very young age for me. I fondly remember spending hours playing with my grandmother’s costume jewelry. I would arrange and re-arrange the brooches, pendants and earrings in her oversized jewelry box. At the time, I never thought much about how that might someday shape my interest in jewelry design, I was only focused on what I thought was an important job assignment of getting everything organized.

    Fast forward to my early 20’s where I discovered a local art studio that offered the most amazing hand-made jewelry classes. I immersed myself into bead loom ...

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  • The Good Idea

    By Lynn Graham

    It’s a cold night in January the wind is howling. The room is pitch black and a bit chilly. I’m looking at my alarm clock, its steady dull green numbers flip minute by minute. One in the morning and I’m wide awake. Why you wonder, Lynn has an idea. Now usually an idea is great when you get one. You either file it in your brain as “yup I’ll get to that” or if it’s spontaneous with what you are doing, you jump on it. This one is the type I hate most; it is the lowly ...

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