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  • Upcycled Bottle Cap Christmas Crafts

     bottle cap gift topper

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     The Christmas season is the best time of the year to take materials that you have on hand and put the  finishing touches on your decorations. Anyone who loves to put their signature on handmade gifts knows that an embellishment here or a personal touch there, really goes a long way. There is always time to put together bottle cap creations that are sure to bring the family together and serve as a keepsake to commemorate the year. Be sure to click on the links that will give you the full instructions on how to create ...

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  • Kid Approved Chenille Stem Ornaments

     bead snow flakes

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     It's coming close to crunch time to fit all of those holiday parties into your schedule and that includes the kid's classroom projects and activities. Using chenille stems and beads, these inexpensive ornaments take little time to complete and will have your child beaming with pride. There are a variety of shapes that can be made from chenille stems, but the snowflake is a popular choice that looks wonderful on the branches of a Christmas tree.

     Pony Bead Snowflake


    A standard snowflake shape is simple to construct from three pieces of chenille stems. Cut two identical lengths ...

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  • Cork Reindeers For The Holidays

     Reindeer Placeholder

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    There's no shortage of wine cork projects and crafts online, but one of our favorite happens to be a huge hit around the holidays: reindeer ornaments and figurines. It's so easy to create a loving reindeer companion to join in on the festivities of the season. All it takes is some new or used wine corks and finding a creative style that works for you. Here are just a few suggestions on how to bring your own reindeer creations to life.

    Since there are many variations of this project, you can choose to use corks to ...

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