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  • Thanksgiving Pony Bead Kids Crafts

     pony bead Indian corn

    The Thanksgiving break is the ideal time for kid's crafts, so we compiled a fun list of projects that use colorful pony beads to use in your next family activity. There are so many creative uses for pony beads that we had a difficult time narrowing down our list of favorites. Here are a few projects that received great feedback from parents, babysitters and teachers that are sure to make a fun addition to your plans.


    1. Indian Corn

    This activity is so simple and the only materials required are pipe cleaners and pony beads. Create your own ...

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  • Throwback Thursday: The Maple Leaf and Canadian Pride

     Maple Leaf Cookies

    The maple leaf is an important and significant symbol across Canada despite the fact that the sugar maple tree is found primarily in Eastern Canada. Whether you're a hockey fan or simply a fan of pure maple syrup, the maple leaf is synonymous with Canada and their country's flag is often regarded as the most widely recognizable. Here are some interesting tidbits to fill you in on exactly why the maple leaf proudly says "we are Canadian."

    • A maple leaf is more than a symbol, it's important to the Canadian environment and economy. North America holds the record for ...

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  • A Thanksgiving Tree Tradition

     Thanksgiving Tree

     Photo Credit:

    This Thanksgiving, as family and friends gather to share meals and stories, have your dinner guests contribute to an ongoing tradition. Add a personal touch to your autumn and harvest themed décor with a Thanksgiving Tree that holds messages of gratitude and positivity.

    Throughout the Thanksgiving season it’s important to allow yourself to rest and enjoy the quiet moments at every opportunity. Take some time to reflect on the events and experiences that have influenced personal growth or achievement. The best way to capture and share these memories is to write them down, and that’s exactly ...

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  • Preserve Fall Leaves For Crafting

     leaf heart

     photo credit:

    Take some time outdoors to collect all those vibrant colored autumn leaves for your next crafting project. There's something about the reds, yellows and orange shades that can add some cheerful brightness to any room or tablescape. Just make sure you check that the edges are not yet dry or brittle, the stem is still attached and there are no visible signs of insect bites or decay. Here are a few excellent tips for preserving your fall leaf finds:

    1. Vegetable Gylcerin

    Mix 1/2 cup water and 1/4 cup vegetable glycerin to create your solution. Add ...

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