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  • Throwback Thursday: Homemade Halloween Treats

     old-fashioned Halloween treats

     photo credit:

    Halloween spending is expected to reach an all-time high this year at a reported $8 billion. In fact, the average person is estimated to spend $79.82 on everything from costumes to decorations and candy. Of course, this level of spending was once unheard of when Halloween was a homemade holiday. Decorations were often made of paper and scarecrows were lovingly stuffed by hand. The biggest difference is that the treats are now individual wrapped candies rather than something baked or prepared at home. Here is a brief rundown of nostalgic Halloween candies that were once the ...

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  • Throwback Thursday: Jack-O-Lanterns & Urban Legend

    Photo credit:

     A jack-o-lantern, or carved pumpkin, is the most obvious symbol of the Halloween season.  But how did this strange tradition come to be? Learn about the legends and lore surrounding the jack-o-lantern and the superstition that swirls around their glowing grins.


    The name “jack o-lantern” is British, dating back to the 17th century referring to a man with a lantern, or night watchman.  It was also the nickname for the natural phenomenon known as ignis fatuus, or “fool’s fire.” These mysterious, flickering lights were sometimes seen at night over wetlands and associated in folklore with ...

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  • Make Your Own Fashionable Witch Shoes

    witch shoe repair sign

    Photo Credit:

     Keeping in the theme of the Halloween season, there’s a great way to take the trend of shoelery to the next level by creating your very own pair of custom witch shoes. There are many options out there to transform any ordinary pair of shoes into a magical fashion statement. Check out these two great ideas to repurpose your own footwear for their next moonlit ride off into the night sky.

    decorative witch shoeThe first and most popular way to create the beautiful curves and exaggerated features for a witchy pair of footwear is to use paper mache. Using ...

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  • Throwback Thursday: Trick-or-Treat Costumes!

    1920's halloween costumes

    The tradition of homemade Halloween costumes has suffered since the original    five-and-dime stores began carrying pre-made options during the 1930’s. I had exactly two Halloween costumes that were made painstakingly by my loving parents: the Cookie Monster and Thomas the Tank Engine. Obviously, this was before I had any say in what I would dress up like to go trick-or-treating with the neighborhood kids. Even without a professional sewing machine or a big budget, many parents still prefer the originality that a homemade costume embodies.

    Post-millennial children aren’t going to settle for a bed sheet ghost or the basic clown ...

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  • Pumpkins! How Will You Decorate Yours?

    We scoured the web for great ideas and were blown away by the decorated pumpkin content that we found.  We've now seen pumpkin designers use just about any medium you could think of to jazz up these pumpkins.  This is why they have to be called designers now, because what they’ve done will amaze you.  


    Below are just a couple of the many great pumpkins we came across in the blogosphere.  And we would love for you to comment in this post and/or leave links to your pumpkin ideas and decorations. 


    Here goes:...

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  • Throwback Thursday: The Witches’ Ladder

    Witches Ladder
    Photo Credit:

    Witches Ladder DrawingIn 1886, while restoring an old house in Somerset, England, as workers sorted through the attic space, a curious collection of items was found.  These included half a dozen broomsticks, an old chair, and what is now considered the first recorded discovery of a witches' ladder. It was a length of braided cord, looped at one end for handing, with various cockerel feathers threaded throughout. A whirlwind of theories as to its purpose had many sold on the idea that this was an instrument of the dark arts. To this day, there is no historical evidence ...

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  • Homemade Halloween Broomsticks

     Witch's Hat and Broom

     Photo Credit: Tatjana Topalov Cvetinovic

    There is no hiding the fact that this Halloween is the season of the witch. These “casters” are creating quite a stir in films such as Beautiful Creatures and Oz the Great and Powerful. Television executives are bringing these immortal mavens to new audiences in brand new series including American Horror Story: Coven on FX and Witches of East End on Lifetime. It’s time to dust the cobwebs off your jewelry supplies and create an ode to witches this Halloween.

    Moon Charm BroomThere are lots of symbols that you associate with witches: cauldrons, black cats, pointy ...

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  • Throwback Thursday: Pretty in Pink

    Pink Color Swatch  


    Have you ever wondered when Pink became classified as a "girly" color? 

    Who made the decision that pink wasn't masculine enough to be for men and boys? 

    In short, the 1920's in the US marked a huge shift in gender related color association. 

    Until then, both baby boys and baby girls wore white dresses and had longer hair until the ages of 6-7 when a "1st haircut" was customary.  White dresses and white diapers were thought to be a matter of comfort and convenience as both are/were easily bleached!  

    Today it's difficult to NOT associate ...

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  • Think Pink for Awareness in October!

    Besides Halloween, October is the time to *think pink* for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There are many charitable organizations and events going on to raise funds for the cure.  However, in more recent years there has been a worldwide push to go pink in all that you do.  Clothes, jewelry, and specialty items in pink express a growing attention to the cause, and well, a serious interest in PINKitude.   


    We found and fell for this specially decorated pink pumpkin on Pinterest:

    The Project Queen pink pumpkin 

    Photo and Project Credit:  From the blog The Project Queen ...

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