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  • Hometown Heroes

    When it comes to high energy, pride and dedication; a sports fan has all three in spades. This is the best time of the year for team spirit and to root for the local athletes that put your town on the map. There is no better way to show your support than wearing your team or school colors. Everyone here at Cousin Corporation may not agree on the team to watch this year, but one thing’s for sure, we love custom jewelry designs that represent our love of the game. You don’t have to paint your face when you ...

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  • Lights, Camera, Action!



    Cousin Corporation made its Home Shopping Network (HSN) debut last week and unveiled a brand new Make the Connection line on the “24 hours of crafts” segment. First of all, let’s acknowledge the charisma of our host and spokesperson, Leslee Brackin. She did a fantastic job demonstrating the functionality of the jewelry pieces and representing the Cousin brand. We are grateful for her efforts and ability to identify with the audience watching at home. It took over 6 months of preparation and was broadcasted to approximately 96 million households in the US!

    These Make the ...

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  • A-corny Good Time!

     crystal acorn earrings

    This entry is for the creative types; the ones who refuse to waste anything and are willing to put in a little extra effort. And for many of you, the end result yields a reminder of a worthwhile experience. With the upcoming fall season, there is no better time to get outdoors and get your hands dirty.

    If there is one thing that signifies the arrival of autumn, it has to be the crunch (and occasional stumble) of freshly fallen acorns under your feet. This year, instead of leaving all those tiny treasures in the compost ...

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  • Gemstone Jamboree

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    It’s time to get a head start on the burgeoning popularity of gemstones and crystals by unearthing your inner geologist. Oversized cuffs and focal style necklaces are the latest accessories to exhibit the advancing trend that is well beyond vintage; frankly, it’s ancient. There is a newfound interest in gemstones, crystals and geodes, which many believe to be some of the greatest wonders on the planet. In fact, the more akin they are to their raw state, the better. You can’t help but to be delighted by shapes and naturally occurring colors that are millions of years old.

    There ...

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