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  • Amber, Copper and Gold Multi Strand Necklace

    by Vicki O'Dell

    The Creative Goddess

    Let's welcome to our newest guest blogger Vicki O'Dell "The Creative Godesss". As a professional crafter Vicki has created for craft industry catalogs, retail advertising, store displays, trade websites and blogs. Her interior design work has been on television for DIY, Public Television, and even HGTV. Her writing can be found in various craft blogs, including more than 600 posts on her own blog hosted at With all of these accolades we are truly honored to have her create this wonderful tutorial and hope that everyone enjoys it as much as we do! All of Vicki's contact info can ...

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  • Make the Connection in stores now!

    Back in December we had a preview of our new Make the Connection program and we had a ton of great feedback. The wait is finally over and Make the Connection is in stores now!

    Make the Connection was created with the idea that everyone, whether a jewelry designer or not, should be able to create their own style of jewelry quickly and easily without any tools. We have utilized an intricate style of snap that not only looks great but also allows all of the pieces to connect and reconnect in seconds making that morning rush of "What do I wear today?" that much easier. The program ...

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  • What's your favorite Snap?

    With our new line Snap in Style arriving in stores just around the corner in late Spring, we wanted to hear from all of you about what your favorite pieces are. Below are 20 Snaps and 4 Bases from our Snap in Style program, use the corresponding "Like" buttons to tell us which ones are your favs. Don't be scared to leave us your comments below either, we will be using all of this information to help shape the final program!








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  • Party On!

    Here at Cousin we have so many wonderfully imaginative employees. They have created everything from beaded Christmas stockings to gorgeous embellished outfits, even a hand painted and bejeweled "art vehicle"! With all of this talent surrounding us, we have decided to showcase a few of our employee creations over the upcoming weeks here on our Blog. This week's blog article is from Dawn, a Support Member to our Graphics Arts Dept. 

    I love beads. I love chains. Heck, I LOVE jewelry and so this project was just TOO much fun.

    I had a friend's birthday coming up soon and wanted to ...

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  • Preview of our new Snap in Style program!

    Check out Cousin's next concept, arriving in stores late spring!

    We know a lot of our fans came to us when they first began making jewelry. That is why we have always spent such a great effort on tutorials and techniques. Now we are introducing a new program that from novice to expert or from teen to grandmother, Everyone can enjoy! 

    With Snap in Style™ It’s a snap to create

     unique, interchangeable jewelry. Simply choose a base and snap in your personal style!

    The program will feature a variety of bases including; rings, hair accessories, bracelets, pendants and even watches! To begin we'll be offering ...

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