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  • Light Up The Night


    Before the sun rises and Halloween fades into the shadowy crypt from whence it came, try out a few ingenious tricks to make lighting elements that are a real ‘scream’. No haunted house is complete without some eerie lighting to set the mood. Whether you have an existing chandelier/wall sconce to use or repurpose a thrift store/flea market find, maximize the chilling ambience with a handmade touch.

    Instead of rubber spiders and plastic roaches, our designers experimented with colored wire, faceted crystals and acrylic swirl beads to create original creatures. Their favorites were a black bat that could ...

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  • Walk Into My Parlour…


     You know that Halloween is fast approaching when formerly commonplace objects or noises arouse a hair-raising sense of foreboding; the kind that lingers long after they’re out of range. Whether it’s an overgrown tree branch sweeping across your bedroom window, or a lonely bullfrog croaking in an otherwise silent brook, you still pull the sheets over your head or turn to glance over your shoulder.

    If there’s one thing that we normally pass by each day unbeknownst, it’s a spider web. Without a sound, these marvels of design can transform an ordinary object into the likeness of a forgotten ...

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  • Fall inspired candle holders



    There’s nothing like the coolness of fall air and the change in the leaves to inspire creation. Whether it’s crafting, baking or creating any type of art, fall is when my creativity peaks. Crafting can be a little expensive so I’ve been trying to find crafts that can save some money and utilize supplies I already have. I’ve come up with a series of holiday décor ideas using beads and jewelry supplies. The first blog in the series features candle holders. Most of my non-jewelry supplies were purchased at a dollar store, cutting down the cost of projects ...

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  • Foliage and Frays

    The autumn season is the best time to get creative with fabric elements and integrate them into your jewelry designs. Whether you’re experienced at sewing or choose the “no sew” route, there is such a variety of designs, you’ll be enchanted with the end result. The material you choose should be flexible and add volume to your design. Some great fabrics to work with are chiffon, silk, lace, sheer organza ribbon or basic cotton.

    You can create a fabric covered bead by overlapping the fabric over the bead and simply knotting each end to hold it in place. Depending on ...

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  • Second Skin scales its way to the top

    In preparation for the chilly months that lie ahead, it’s a good time to enter the House of Slytherin to see what treasures await you. If there is one print that can classify as seasonless, it’s snakeskin. There’s no denying it; the print is everywhere this year and it’s time to decide if you want to go wild or take a more inconspicuous approach. Every designer label wants to toy with this iconic design, and the tried and true python print is making the biggest comeback of all. Nails, shoes, boots, and statement jackets are among the trendiest surfaces ...

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