Tough Chic Bracelet

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Tough Chic Bracelet


34698006 Gunmetal Starter Pack

Heavy Metals:
34701073 Silver Figure 8 Chain (1 pk)
34701075 Gunmetal Medium Flat Chain (1 pk)
34701076 Ant. Gold Dented Oval Chain (1 pk)

Tools Needed:

Needle Nose Pliers

Techniques to Know:
Opening Jump Rings/Chain

1. Section the following chains to 61/4” lengths each: (2) gunmetal flat chains, (2) antique gold oval chains and (1) silver figure 8 chain.
2. Attach a 4mm open jump ring to the ends of each gunmetal and silver chain.
3. Use 6mm jump rings to gather the chain ends in the following order: gunmetal, antique gold, silver, antique gold and gunmetal. Repeat for the opposite ends.
4. Use 6mm jump rings to attach a toggle end to each of the 6mm jump rings in step 3. See the illustration below for details.



Skill Level: Easy - No Experience Needed

Approximate Crafting Time:
20 Minutes






Difficulty Level: Easy

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