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Wrapped Loop


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A wrapped loop is not only more decorative, but also much stronger than a simple loop.  If you like to use heavy components, you'll want to learn this technique.

You will find this technique easier to do with thinner or soft metal pins, like sterling.


1.  Grasp the pin with your round nosed pliers.  The position on the prong (thin or thick) will determine the length of the wrap. 

2.  Bend the pin back to a 90 degree angle.

3.   Rotate the pliers to position one prong on top.

4.  Pull the pin forward around the top prong. 
5.  Reposition then form  the pin into a loop.

6.  Using pliers or your fingers, carefully wrap the wire around and down the stem.

7.  Continue as far down as you would like.

8.  Trim off extra wire.

9.  Using needle nose pliers or a crimp tool, smooth in the tail of the wire.

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