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Jump Rings


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Jump rings are small metal circles with a cut that allows them to be opened to connect pieces together and then closed again to secure them.  Jump rings are useful for connecting clasps and charms or joining two findings that won't attach to each other directly. 

Jump rings can be used in a series to form a chain-like design or they can be grouped in clusters.

To open or close a jump ring, it's easiest to use two pairs of needle nose pliers.  If you have one pair, you can hold one side with your fingers.  If there is a gap, close it by moving the sides up and down pressing gently together.  The ends should overlap then snap together tightly so the tension of the metal will hold the gap closed.  When you open a jump ring (or any loop) twist it open rather than pulling it open so it will hold tight when re-closed.

For stronger connections see how to use Split Rings. alt

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