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Cone Ends


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Cone ends are often used to bring multiple strands together to a narrow point where the clasp can be attached.   This helps reduce bulkiness at the back of the necklace and gives a nice tapered finish.


1.  Use a heavy gauge wire or cut the ends off of head or eye pins.

2.  Form a large sized wrapped loop.  Make two pins with loops like this at one end.

3.  Cut beading wire to the desired length plus three inches.

4.  Attach one end of the wire to the loop using a crimp bead or tube.

5.  String on beads then attach the other end to the other loop using a crimp.

6.  Make as many strings as you would like, just be sure they will fit within the cone.  If you are using large beads, have the string taper down to smaller beads at the ends.

7.  When done with all strings, insert the pin through the cone and form a loop or wrapped loop.

8.  Attach any clasp.

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