Gemstone Bracelet

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Gemstone Bracelet

Materials (1 Package of Each):
#34714060 White Gemstone Beads
#34714063 Tan Gemstone Beads
#34718001 Antique Gold Chain
#34712003 Antique Gold Starter Pack


Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters


Techniques to Know:
Jump Rings
Form a Loop

1. Cut (36) 1.75” lengths of chain.
2. Gather six chains together, grouping them at each end using 6mm jump rings. Repeat for the six
3. Using a 6mm jump ring, gather three groups of chains together at one end, attaching to the jump
rings. Connect a toggle clasp end to the 6mm jump ring using a 4mm jump ring. Repeat this for
the other group of chains and the other toggle clasp end.
4. Make the gemstone links. Use six smaller tan gemstones for the outer links then use two medium
and one large white gemstone for the center links.
5. Connect the links in the following pattern: one tan link, one white link and one tan link. Repeat this
to complete the three link sections.
6. Attach the chain groupings to the beaded links as shown. Repeat for the other grouping at the
other end of the links.
7. Attach an eye pin loop to a tan link end. Thread the eye pin through the loop of another tan link,
there should be approximately .25” between the two links. Then, leaving a .25” space, form a
loop and connect to a third tan link. Repeat this step for the other end of the tan links


Difficulty Level: Easy

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