Double Wrap Bracelet

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Double Wrap Bracelet

#34713099 Green 6mm Round Bead
#34717007 Glass Bead Mix with Large
Hole Glass Beads
Leather Cord (Greek Leather - 1.5mm or 2mm)
Beading Thread - Size D (recommended)
Clasp (Button or Bead)
Beading Needle (needs to pass through bead twice)
Clips and work surface/board

Silver Wire




Determine the bracelet length. To make a single wrap bracelet, triple the number of your wrist
measurement (7” = 21”). To make a double wrap bracelet, multiply seven times your wrist measurement
(7” = 49”). This allows for extra cord to make the knots at the beginning and end of the bracelet.

1. Cut a 10’ to 12’ piece of thread and thread the needle. Knot the ends.
2. Fold the length of leather cord in half.
3. Hold the knotted end of the thread with the fold of leather and tie an overhand knot. *The loop of the leather needs to be large enough to fit the button/bead through it.
4. Use a clip to hold the knotted end of the bracelet onto a board/work surface. Use additional clips to hold the leather cord down onto other end of the board/work surface.
5. Start threading in a figure eight stitch. Do not add any beads to the bracelet yet. Wrap the thread
over the right strand to the outside, then under the right, over the left to the outside, under the left and then over the right. Repeat 6 times. Pull the thread tight against the leather.
6. Start adding beads into the weaving. Pass the thread under the left leather cord and add a bead. Hold the bead in place between the leather cords. After threading on the bead, bring the thread over the right and back under the right, through the bead again and over the left. Repeat for each bead.
7. Finish the bracelet the same way it was started by weaving the figure eight stitch without beads 6 times.
8. Then tie a knot with the leather and thread.
9. Tie the button/bead in a knot with the leather. Use a drop of glue to secure the thread and leather. Trim the excess pieces.

*There are many ways to finish off the bracelet end, choose the look that expresses you.


Difficulty Level: Easy

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