Better Together Braided Bracelet

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Better Together Braided Bracelet


#34695102 Blue Suede
#34695131 Antique Gold Chain
#34695092 Antique Copper Chain
#34695004 Antique Gold Starter Pack



Tools Needed:
Needle Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters

Techniques to Know:
Opening Jump Rings
Cord/Ribbon Ends



1. Separate the antique copper and antique gold chain links. The sample bracelet uses 72 links, 37 antique gold links and 35 antique copper links. *Using two pairs of pliers to separate the links reduces the amount of wasted chain versus cutting the chain apart.
2. Cut (3) 15” lengths of suede cord.
3. Use a ribbon end to gather one set of suede ends together.
4. Braid the cords approximately 3/4”, be sure to keep the braid tight and small.
5. Thread on 13 chain links, alternating colors, onto the braid. See the illustration.
6. Begin braiding the body of the bracelet. Thread a chain link onto the cord being braided. Repeat for each cord as it’s being braided, alternating the chain link colors. The sample bracelet has 4 1/4” braided with links.
7. Braid the cords in another 3/4” tight small braid section.
8. Thread on the 13 chain links, alternating the colors.
9. Trim the remaining cord approximately 1/4” past the last chain link from the previous step. Attach the ribbon end.
10. Use 4mm jump rings to attach a toggle clasp end to each ribbon end.







Difficulty Level: Easy

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