Best Dog Pet Collar

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Best Dog Pet Collar


#3673307 Crystazzi® Professional Pack
Crystal Flatback Heat Set Mix
Pet Collar (This sample collar is nylon)



Heat Set Tool or Iron


Inspiration Project Instructions:
1. First tighten or size the collar before starting the application of crystal flatbacks.
2. Unlatch collar and lay on a flat surface.
3. Perform a gem test on the material you wish to decorate. Choose a place that is not going to
show, like toward the end of the collar. This will help determine how much time will be needed for
your gems to adhere to the particular material.
4. Lay out studs in desired pattern or randomly.
5. Follow the heat set tool instructions and adhere the crystal flatbacks for the time determined.
*As with all items for pets, watch for loose pieces and immediately remove from pet to prevent choking
or harm







Difficulty Level: Easy

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